Optional Terminal Digit Tabbies

Stock # F 82
Single digit tab with space to write in a second digit

  • Tabs have numbers zero through nine with a space to write in a second digit
  • Color scheme compatible with CT-50 Tabbies and Write On Tabbies
  • 12“ width
  • 100 numbers per set
  • 10 sets per box (1,000 tabs)

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Just $3.80 per set
$36.89 per box

Optional Terminal Digit Tabbies: Sets of 10 strips each. Select the number(s) you need (Just $3.80 per set of 100 tabs).
Order a set of 100 tabs with a specific number
Optional Terminal Digit Tabbies: Select a specific number (0 to 9). Just $36.89 for a box of 1,000 tabs.
Choose a number for your box
Box of Optional Terminal Digit tabs with all 10 numbers: Zero though Nine

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